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Anna in cosplay “Frozen” is simply too similar

With the development of the animation industry, cosplay has also become hot. At the animation exhibition, various beauty cosers appeared, and they all attracted attention. This also makes people characters, who play cosplay, are beautiful young girls. In fact, otherwise, housewife also likes anime, also plays cosplay, and the level is very high. Anna in cosplay “Frozen” is simply too similar.

The Incredibles cosplay

In “The Incredibles”, there is a female character called Elastic The Incredibles. From the name point of view, it is a heroic character, and I really look good. After being cosplayed by a housewife, although the feeling has changed a little, the experience is not less. A little less domineering, a little more mild feeling, maybe after the Superwoman work, return to the family, it is a gentle housewife.

X-Men cosplay

Many people have seen “X-Men”, there is a very exciting fight, there is a character in the play called Xiao Naughty. It can be called such a name, it must be a lively and lovely little girl, very suitable for cute female coser to present. When a housewife cosplay is naughty, she has the same cute temperament. I have to say that in the world of two dimensions, age is not a problem.

Beauty and the Beast cosplay

Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” is a typical western soft beauty. Simplicity and innocence are her characteristics. Many people even regard Belle as the lover of her dreams. After the housewife cosplay, Belle’s original characteristics are not less at all, but they are even more lovable. The young female coser is not necessarily true, and can show Belle’s inherent temperament.

Frozen cosplay

“Frozen” has a lot of fans, and there are many beautiful women in the show, and they also have a lot of fans. Anna’s temperament is relatively simple, unlike the gorgeous princess, but she has a sense of solidity. I think cosplay Anna is really difficult without her temperament. When the housewife enters the battle, God restores Anna’s temperament and style, not to mention cosplay, she will think that it is a character in the play.

Brave cosplay

Melita in “Brave” has a wild character. It is difficult for ordinary beauty coser to present, not to say that the face value is not enough, it is the kind of sturdy aura, and it is difficult for young coser. However, housewives are different. Experience is enough. As long as you dress up a little, you can show Merida’s temperament. Housewives have an age advantage on cosplay Merida.

Shrek cosplay

I don’t know how many people remember the fairy godmother in Shrek. She is a model of godmother. Whether it is character-shaping or appearance, it is a classic in the classics. If you want to cosplay fairy godmother, a necessary housewife appears, the kind of temperament that little beauty coser does not have. After seeing the fairy godmother being presented by the housewife, I really fell in love with such a cosplay.

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