A women’s fashions resale store like you have never seen before™

We Pay You CASH



All day, every day in our stores, we pay you CASH on-the-spot, right over the counter, to purchase your better brand-name “gently-used” fashions and accessories. Unlike a consignment shop, where you may wait weeks or even months to receive payment… we are different in that we pay you immediately for all of the items that we accept.

We buy items that are clean, in-style, and in great condition. We appreciate that your life is busy, so our buying process is automated by our computer system. This makes selling us the items that you no longer need or use… convenient, efficient, and rewarding.

Maybe you have changed jobs, changed sizes, or simply changed your mind… If you are not wearing it, get CASH for it! So clean out that closet and bring your items into our stores. Your closet will thank you for it, and you will pick up some new-found money.